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CO2 detector – necessary in cooling systems

CO2 detectors are absolutely necessary in cooling systems. For the toxic carbon dioxide (CO2) is odourless and very dangerous at extremely high concentrations. CO2 detectors provide the necessary safety here; they monitor the dangerous carbon dioxide (CO2) in cooling systems and trigger a CO2 alarm when necessary. Additional dangers of cooling systems include, in addition to carbon dioxide (CO2) e.g. flammable gasses resulting in an explosive gas-air mixture. Here, too, CO2 detectors are of utmost importance. Depending on the cooling system, potential dangers require a different response for ensuring comprehensive safety.

Safety thanks to CO2 detectors – and, of course, INOSENT

INOSENT’s product range offers two product lines optimally meeting the requirements of a cooling system — while also accurately monitoring the dangeorous carbon dioxide (CO2) Both INOSENT product lines are equipped with optimal CO2 detectors and CO2 alarms.

For cooling systems, INOSENT recommends product lines “Easy” for smaller cooling systems and “Ultimate” for larger cooling systems.

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